Psychology based pain management

This page aims to introduce you to the psychological services available to patients with persistent pain.  These services use acceptance and mindfulness based approaches to living well with persistent pain.


Why have I been referred to the psychology services?

We recognise that long term pain has an impact on all facets of life.  The psychology services aims to explore your struggle with your pain and how this has affected your life.  We aim to discuss strategies for moving forwards in a valued direction.


What are acceptance and mindfulness based approaches?

These approaches are used to help people move towards a life of greater value despite their pain.  It’s important to recognise barriers that get in their way.  These barriers can include:

  • Pain: our natural response to physical pain and emotional suffering is to try to escape or avoid it.  We can get trapped in repeating actions which no longer work but take great effort

  • Thoughts: our brains are constantly busy with thoughts.  Sometimes we believe our thoughts so strongly that we struggle to do what’s important to us

  • Being present: Sometimes pain can be so great that connection with the here and now becomes a struggle


Signposting ways forward

The initial assessment provides a space to explore and reflect on your experience of living with pain.  It also aims to help you consider its impact on your quality of life and wellbeing.  Many people find this process is sufficient to open up new possibilities and directions.  Additional guidance can be provided by the team to help you connect with resources relevant to your unique situation and physical problem


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