My Approach

A pain management service offers access to a multidisciplinary team of consultants that offer a range of treatments including medication and conservative treatments, physical therapies, injections and psychology therapies.

The aim is to allow any adult whose life has been affected by chronic pain to achieve optimal management of their condition and improvement in their quality of life. Chronic pain affects 1 in 6 adults and results in physical, emotional and social decline. Chronic pain is more than an acute pain that will not go away. Sleep deprivation is very common.

A Pain Management Service is more effective at treatment as it adopts a biopsychosocial approach. The first appointment after referral is with myself and takes on average 30 minutes during which time as much information as possible is obtained through history and examination.  The aim is to understand the pain, its generators, previously unsuccessful treatments, impact of the pain on all aspects of the patient’s life, general health and wellbeing and investigations and their findings.

On the basis of these findings the patient is first given as much accurate information as possible about the pain. Worries are discussed and addressed. After this a management plan can be devised with the patient aware of the potential advantages and disadvantages of all management options. Further investigations will be ordered if they will influence ongoing care. The involvement of the patient is at the centre of this management plan and all management options are evidence based.

Further appointments can be organised to help patients access help from resources such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture. If appropriate then the patient will be offered injection therapy to target pain generators, injections are organised for a future appointment and not performed at first assessment. Information about pain management programmes will also be offered if the biopsychosocial impact of the pain is becoming significant.

Not all chronic pain is amenable to injection therapy but procedures themselves carry excellent safety profiles and can be very effective for the right patient and pain problem. Further information is available below.

High quality research has shown that chronic pain patients who come under the care of a specialist multidisciplinary pain management service show significant benefit with respect to long term improvement in physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing and social/professional function.