Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia
My Approach

A pain management service offering access to a multidisciplinary team of consultants that offer a range of treatments including medication and conservative treatments, physical therapies, injections and psychology therapies.

The aim is to allow any adult whose life has been affected by chronic pain to achieve optimal management of their condition and improve their quality of life.

About me

I am a Consultant in Chronic Pain and Anaesthesia. My NHS practice is at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, providing a comprehensive interventional pain service for my chronic pain patients.  I am a Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

I have an interest in chronic and cancer pain.

Dr Daniela Tonucci



Pain medications may be simple painkillers such as paracetamol and codeine or nerve pain medications. Each has strengths and limitations.


Physical Therapies

In general, the goals of physical therapy are to decrease pain, increase function, and provide education



Injections comprise a non-surgical treatment option for pain. They are typically considered as an option to treat low back or neck pain after a course of medications and/or physical therapy is completed, but before surgery is considered. Injections can be useful both for providing pain relief and as a diagnostic tool to help identify the source of the patient's back pain.


Psychology based pain management

We recognise that long term pain has an impact on all facets of life.  The psychology service aims to explore your struggle with pain and how this has affected your life.  We aim to find strategies for moving forwards in a valued direction.


Getting Help

Referral to a pain service can be via your GP or another hospital specialist, such as an orthopaedic surgeon or neurosurgeon. 

You can also access a pain service via a hospital musculoskeletal service.

Appointments are available at either the Nuffield Hospital or Mount Alvernia Hospital, both are in Guildford.

For Self Referral advice please contact my secretary.


Chronic Pain


Low Back Pain


Neck Pain


Nerve Pain

Cancer Pain


J.V Guildford

Thank you sincerely for the pain relieving injections which you gave me last Friday. I can drive the car now, wash my hair, hang clothes up in the wardrobe, reach the crockery in the kitchen cupboard... the list goes on.

Thank you for the professional yet entertaining approach from your team members!